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NEPA Implementation

Title 23 - Highways

Section 109 - Standards

(h)...assure that possible adverse economic, social, and environmental effects relating to any proposed project on any Federal-aid system have been fully considered in developing such project, and that the final decisions on the project are made in the best overall public interest, taking into consideration the need for fast, safe and efficient transportation, public services, and the costs of eliminating or minimizing such adverse effects and the following:

  1. air, noise, and water pollution;
  2. destruction or disruption of man-made and natural resources, aesthetic values, community cohesion and the availability of public facilities and services;
  3. adverse employment effects, and tax and property values losses;
  4. injurious displacement of people, businesses and farms; and
  5. disruption of desirable community and regional growth.

...shall apply to all proposed projects with respect to which plans, specifications, and estimates are approved by the Secretary...

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